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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Faithful — left with a mess.

Former D-backs lefty free agent Patrick Corbin left the Phillies at the altar and signed a six-year deal with Washington.

That was soon after the Phillies sent their number one ranked prospect, J.P. Crawford, 23, and Carlos Santana off to Seattle for 29-year-old shortstop Jean Segura, and two so-so relief pitchers.

Last winter Phillies kid GM Matt Klentak said this: "The idea of having Santana and Hoskins in the middle of the lineup is a dream."

Well, I suppose Mr. Klentak woke up.

Whether you agree with the Crawford trade or not, the move sheds light on a more significant problem: The Phillies' young core isn't good enough to win with Manny or Bryce. It needs a makeover.

Crawford, I understand, was sacrificed because of a slow start and injuries. In that context, shouldn't Scott Kingery and Aaron Altherr start packing?

Perhaps Mr. Crawford's name should have been Markelle Fultz, the Sixer's rookie guard who also started slowly and had shoulder problems. But Mr. Fultz got the king's treatment. Mr. Crawford got the shaft. 

Crawford was never allowed to settle in at shortstop. Moves by the Musical Chairs Manager Gabe Kapler moved him around the infield like the knight on a chess board: from short to third to second.

I think the trade stinks — Mr. Segura had a no-trade clause and wouldn't agree to the deal without a million dollar bonus for doing so. He's had some issues in the locker room.

It's going to come back and haunt the Phillies.

So Mr. Corbitn has snubbed the Phillies and joined Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, and Tanner Roark in what is arguably the best rotation in baseball — in the Phillies division. 

Rumors say that Harper may stay in Washington. If you were Mr. Harper, would you stay put with an excellent team with a great rotation or sign with a club that needs a makeover?

The Dodgers are rumored to be after Harper, too. The Yankees want Machado. 

I don't think either will come to Philadelphia. With the end-of-season replacement players, the September nosedive, and a lack of faith in the younger players, Manny and Bryce will go elsewhere.

The young core that the Phillies bragged about has dwindled to a few, and several very questionable starting pitchers. Remove Hoskins and Aaron Nola from the mix and what's left?

It's a mess. And the Phillies have no one to blame but themselves.

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  1. Incompetent GM + boatloads of cash = disaster contracts. Klentak has no negotiation skills and is going to overpay/too many years. You make good points in the article, and I can see Klentak trying to overcompensate with big contracts, because if he doesn't reel in a big name... this fan base is going to erupt.