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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Eagles fans booed Santa Clause. What do you think they'll do to Kapler?
It's already started"

Too many times in my lifetime I've seen this dog and pony show. You can feel it in the air, like snow coming, or when the wind shifts and blows the refinery smell over South Philly.

Everybody knew coming in that he didn't have the dugout experience to manage a ML game. Some — like me — gave him the benefit of the doubt. And some — like my son — Temple Made and Temple Proud — called for the noose after the first game.

But it was the water guy that tipped me off.

He brings our giant Deer Park water jugs into the living room and sets them down. Nice of him but we do tip him. The other day at water delivery he came into our living room and looked at the wall of Phillies photographs.

"The dumb ass manager has got to go," he says. It was totally unprovoked.

Oh yea, you got trouble my friend, right here in River City, with a capital B and that rhymes with Kapler and that stands for BOOO.

If you haven't followed it, Phillies manager Gabe Kapler made some foolish blunders that the Faithful quickly picked up on and not only did it embarrass the Phillies here in Brotherly Love, but in the national media, too.

Listen, you don't fool the Faithful. They can spot a phony faster than bad creme donuts at the shore. And when they do they smell blood.

First, with a five-run lead, Kapler pulled Aaron Nola in the fifth after just 68 pitches. He was throwing a masterpiece. The bullpen got hammered and the Phillies lost their opening game on a walk-off, three-run jack. Next, in a 15-2 loss, he mismanaged the bullpen so badly, a position player had to pitch.

AND — and this is my favorite — he went out to get his starting pitcher when he had no one warming up and held up the game while he waited on the mound for the reliever to get ready. That one when viral. Who leaves the dugout to remove a pitcher without a reliever warming up?

Last night in New York he put on a defensive shift that left second base uncovered for a double play, which would have ended the inning. As a result, two Met runs scored right after the boner and they lost, 2-0.

"Ooh, ooh ooh, I feel my temperature rising."

You got trouble my friend, with a capital B and it rhymes with Kapler and it stands for BOOOOOOOOOO.

Lot's of baseball fans across the country laughed at the blunders, but not the Faithful. In Philly, what's the opposite of laughter? It's the official bird here and I'm not talking pigeons. From Richie Allen to JD Drew, and a few inbetween, it's embedded in the city's history.

Maybe Kapler can turn it around. Maybe it was a few odd games and things will be fine. They play in New York this afternoon and back in Philly tomorrow for the home opener.

But know this. Hell hath no fury like a scorned Philadelphia Faithful.

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