Ron Costello

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Just look at the standings.

As of Wednesday's Inquirer the playoff-bound Sixers are fourth in the Eastern Conference, 43-30, and have been on a hot winning streak. The Flyers, 38-25-14, have a slim shot at the playoffs but they need to keep winning to claim the final wild-card spot. Even if they do their chances are slim. Other NHL teams have to lose to give the Flyers a shot.

Playoffs or not, the Flyers are loaded with future young stars.

The Phillies open the season Thursday in Atlanta and they, too, are stocked with youth. Arguably the youngest team in baseball, the starter for today's game against Atlanta, Aaron Nola, 24, is the youngest Phillies starting pitcher to open the season in 54 years. Like the Sixers and the Flyers, the Phillies have young, bright stars and barring injuries, have a shot at one of two wild-card slots in the National League.

And, of course, the Eagles.

After one Super Bowl victory, the Eagles are perched to continue their winning ways, led by a young and talented quarterback, Carson Wentz.

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