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Monday, July 24, 2017

Don't Over Cook 'Em

I like doing burgers on the grill. I get them made up fresh at Martin's at the Reading Terminal. Nice babies — inch-and-a-half thick. Not those frozen half-inch jobs in the supermarket freezer. There's a real challenge to grilling burgers. You've got to get them off the grill at exactly the right time.

Too soon, bloody. Too late, cardboard. When you bite into one clear juice shoots out, like a Maikel Franco line-drive, and rolls down your chin.

Just right. Where's that napkin?

Meet the Bash Brothers, Dylan Cozens and Rhys Hoskins. If they were burgers, it'be time to bring them in.

They're number one and two in home runs in the AAA International League. Cozens 23, Hoskins, 22 — that's home runs, not age. Age? Cozens, 23, Hoskins, 24. In 2016 at Reading they hit a combined 78 home runs.

From one chef to another, from me to the Phillies, "Get these two kids off the grill."

Cozens is similar in stature to Mark McGuire. And he can run. The big left hander is 6'6', 235. He hit 40 home runs last season at Double-A Reading.

Defensivily, he's solid, got a great arm. They won't be taking an extra base.

Hoskins is smaller, 6'4," 225. Smaller? Big or small, they both hit rockets. Hoskins hits in front of Cozens in the Iron Pigs' lineup; he bats right, Cozens left. In my lineup, Franco and Herrera hit behind them, like J-Dub and Burrell.

But there's more to pencil in: shortstop, J.P. Crawford, and catcher Jorge Alfaro. They're ready, too.

Cozens (.223) and Crawford's (.227) averages are low, but that shouldn't stop them. That's being picky. Bring them up and let them play. Stop dicking around. If it were the Yankees they would've been up six weeks ago.

If the Phillies have a flare for drama, they'll do it and change the look of the club. But they need to clear roster space and they finish that off this week. They have until Monday, 4 p.m. If not, it's incompetence at the top in my book.

Because, hell, the Faithful are hungry and ready to eat.

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