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Friday, June 16, 2017

What's Worse The Phillies or the Newspapers?

This is not so much about the misery of Philadelphia's professional baseball team, but about questions.

Or, who's not asking them.

When a team goes south the way the Phillies have, fans get screwed. How? Because months before the first pitch fans bought tickets to see competitive baseball at Citizens Bank Park. Season ticket holders have a much larger investment to see good baseball. The price of a ticket doesn't ensure a winning team, but it should ensure a competitive team.

The Phillies are neither. And no one is asking questions like, "Why?"

Now here comes the scary part.

The other day the Inquirer's Matt Gelb asked Phillies GM Matt Klentak about the minor league prospects. Klentak said this: "If we feel a player is ready for that opportunity and we feel that the opportunity presents itself here for the appropriate playing time, then we'll definitely do it." Do it? Do what, bring some up?

Here's the thing. If you made a list of the top ten most horrible things in Philadelphia, you might list poverty, joblessness, traffic, the schools, pollution, bad cheesesteaks, etc. Not me. I'd say the top two are Philly newspapers and the Phillies.

And neither have any prospects of getting better.

Ever since Grandpa Lenfest dumped a whole lot of money into an endowment, the endowment has funded the Inquirer and Daily News. That may keep the paper afloat for a while, but it's not going to make people read it and they might as well save the trees and go to all digital

It's difficult to determine who is making the decisions for the Phillies and the Philly newspapers. But one thing is for sure, they both are pretty bad.

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