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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lot's of Things to Enjoy About the Phillies

I've got to stop trying to analyse why the Phillies stink and enjoy the game on the field.

As a kid I knew John Quinn was a tight-fisted general manager, and I loved Gene Mauch, thought he was the best manager in the game. I loved Allen and Callison, Bunning, Amaro, the catcher Darlymple — look, I can still spell his name without looking it up, that's proof. Then came Bowa, Schmidt, Lefty and that bunch.

What an exciting team led by the Krukker in '93. 2008 was magical.

I guess I've been critical lately because I want the Phillies to do better.

As I write this on Father's Day, I'm watching Ben Lively get lit up like he's a Christmas tree at the Griswold's. It's 3-0 in the top of the first. And here I am writing this blog when I need to be working on my book. Shhh, don't say anything to Denise.

"Ron, you've got the game on, are you working on your book?"


I'm not lying. I've got three monitors. It's my own version of the truth.

I'm trying not to get ticked as the Phillies are getting thumped again. I'm trying not to yell at the big screen, "Who the hell put this God damn team together?"

Are you kidding me? I don't think I've seen a Phillies team this bad since the early sixties. The crowds at the park are getting smaller than a speck of dust on our hardwood floors after Denise is done cleaning. Actually, I clean our hardwood floors. But overall she's a better cleaner.

Okay, I tell myself, enjoy the game on the field, that's all.

And what do you know, Aaron Altherr just hit one out to left. See, enjoy the game on the field — and you'll be fine.

The GM this morning in the Inquirer said the team is looking at several position players and in order to look at them enough, they've got to play. Giving them a "look-see," the old timers use to say. And they're playing. I just wish they'd play better. I'm assuming he's talking about Rupp, Knapp, Joseph, Franco, and Herrera. There are a number of pitchers on the "look-see" list, too, and I hope they keep trying, because they're sort of getting hammered.

Strike out 'sort of.' By giving them a "look-see," they're — (we'll) — going to find out if they can play in the Show.

I don't know because I don't have a trained eye — I only went to Dream Week once, therefore, my big league experience is minimal. My guess is, however, Galvis and Hernandez might be fighting for a job on the bench, when the "the others" get here.

That's another part of the formula, "the others." There are maybe 5-6 players — part of "the others" — that are close at Double and Triple A and could round out the team when they are done with the "look-see."

Franco is getting a good "look-see" today because he just hit one out. It's now 3-2. Thing about Freddy Galvis — he's a good shortstop. J.P. Crawford, part of "the others," will have to come to Philly and take his job away. That will be interesting

So, to keep things simple they'll combine those they are "look-seeing" with "the others" and things will start to turn around. Spend some money and grab a couple of free agents and we'll be on our way.

So no more criticizing on my part, I'm going to enjoy the game on the field.

And I don't know, am I in a good mood today or is Tom McCarthy not blabbering about nonsensical stuff as much.

Ron, stop it. Just enjoy the game on the field. And what time is happy hour?

Happy Father's Day.

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Oh, wait, the game is now tied.

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