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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

This is dedicated to my brother Fred, the most knowledgable and informed Phillies fan I've ever known. He once played for the Phillies and has coached baseball at most levels. Fred never misses a Phillies game. He is beside himself regarding the Phillies' blabcasters and sick and tired of their unprofessionalism.

My, oh my, how I miss Wheels and Harry.

In return, we get the blabcasters.

Chase Utley returned to the park Tuesday night and was adored by the baseball fans who don’t forget — the reason I call them the Faithful, with a capital F.

The Faithful gave Utley one standing ovation after another.

However, the broadcast team — hired not by the Phillies but by Father Comcast — embarrassed themselves. Watching Tuesday night's broadcast, I witnessed the most disgraceful and unprofessional act I ever saw watching or attending a Phillies game.

And trust me, things can get pretty low at the ball park.

Can you get two F’s on the same subject on a report card? I’m not sure, but the blabcasters deserve them. Two solid F's.

The blabcasters — the broadcast team of Tom McCarthy, Matt Stairs, and Ben Davis — set up in the outfield at Harry the K’s on Tuesday night and called the video portion of the game from there.

Obviously, someone thought it would be a great place to call a game from. Do you know what the umpire, catcher, and hitter look like from Harry the K’s?


Moving around the park might seem like a good idea to sell tickets. Out of 30 major league teams, the Phillies 2016 home attendance is listed by Major League Baseball at number 22, just eight places from Tampa Bay at 30.

So moving the broadcasters around the park and showing them laughing and ‘having fun,'would maybe sell more tickets, too, don’t you think? That's most likely the ridiculous strategy in this foolishness. Show the fans how much fun it can be watching the game from Harry the K's.

I’d like to know what WIP radio morning-jock Angelo Cataldi — a huge critic of former analyst Chris Wheeler — would say about the blabcasters. But he probably doesn't stay up that late.

It doesn’t matter. The blabcasters are pathetic.

Last night during Chase Utley’s second at bat, the blabcasters reached a new low: they giggled like playground school girls throughout his entire at bat. The Phanatic was throwing popcorn on them, and they paid little attention to Utley.

The camera switched back and forth from Utley at home plate, to the blabcasters at Harry the K’s. Very distracting. It was a slap in the face to the Faithful. The giggling and joking were folly and unprofessional, and the blabcasters should apologize to Utley and the Faithful.

And this too is insulting. Father Comcast makes sure a delay between the video blabcast and radio — carried by WIP-FM — prevents viewers from watching the game and listening to Scott Franzke and Larry Anderson. Franzke and Anderson are good baseball people — not blabcasters — and the radio broadcast is exceptional.

I know of more than a few viewers who turn off the sound of the Comcast video production and watch the game in silence, rather than put up with the idiotic blabbing of the blabcasters.

They've become the growing legion of Silent Watchers.

Why? Because Comcast puts entertainment over good baseball.

Harry would never have stood for this silliness. Wheels was dumped and had no say once Father Comcast — Comcast SportsNet — and the Phillies signed a 25 year, $2.5 billion deal, giving Father Comcast the majority of the Phillies’ games. NBC 10 gets some of the Sunday games. What this means to the Faithful, besides lots of money for the Phillies? Is this: Comcast picks the broadcasters and as a result, we get stuck with the blabcasters.

The Misses and I only watch a few innings, because that’s all the foolery we can take. We just can't stand the blabbering and blabbering, even during key parts of the game. We pay high package rates to get the Phillies broadcast, and we get this lunacy. We are prepared to join the Silent Watchers.

Either that or we'll not watch the game and tune into WIP-FM and listen to Scott and Larry.

Which means we'll no longer have to yell at our 46-inch screen:


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