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Sunday, November 22, 2015

When Ben spoke to the Continental Congress in 1776, he was warning the Faithful about stinking up the place. Little did he know that his words would ring true 239 years later.

Welcome to Stinkadelphia.

The Sixers are so bad they are two losses away from breaking an NBA record — A RECORD THEY OWN — the number of consecutive losses, 24, a 2013-14 record they share with the 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers.

After starting this season with 14 consecutive losses, the Sixers are close to breaking another record: Starting the season with consecutive losses. The NBA record is 18,  their own lousy record is 17.

Definitely, the Sixers are a first place team in Stinkadelphia!

After a 99 loss season, the Phillies are holding down second place. What's amazing about the Phillies is this: Taking a lesson from their brethren the Sixers, they're throwing in the towel for 2016 and announcing they won't win until 2017 or maybe, even, 2018.

That's typical of a Stinkadelphia team. How can the Phillies say to their season ticket holder base and their Faithful, that they won't win in 2016? When realistically, a few nips and tucks could make the young team competitive, and if they're competitive, anything could happen.

But not in Stinkadelphia.

Next the Eagles. Their coach, Chip Kelly, comes into Stinkadelphia and makes wholesale changes. Starting with a paper mache quarterback, a new running back who can't seem to break free, and a whole lot of receivers with cement hands.

Coach says it's the offensive line. Well hello, whose job was it to put an offensive line together in the summer to protect the paper mache quarterback?

Maybe the Eagles stink because the coach, who made himself general manager in a cou d'eta that any African nation would be envious of, is the main stinkee!

I've got a feeling Kelly will be fleeing Stinkadelphia at seasons end, if not before,  allowing the Eagles to move up a  notch or two in Stinkadelphia.

The Flyers are doing fine if you don't count scoring. I'll admit I'm not much of a hockey buff, but I do know if you slap shoot the puck past the goalie into the net, you get a point.

Am I right?

The Flyers have lost their third straight and are at 6-9-5 because they are averaging 1.7 goals a game and haven't  scored in 133 minutes. Now I don't know about you, but I can write this blog in less than 133 minutes. It's their lowest scoring drought in club history.

You can do a lot of things in less than 133 minutes in Stinkadelphia.

At 9-2 and a win away from the American Conference championship, who would ever have thunk that Temple's football team would be the exception in Stinkadelphia.

No, no, no, don't give me that. You didn't call it. This one surprised even the Lord himself. I think He was so focused on the other Stinkadelphia teams, He forgot about the Owls.

Just one request.

Lord, can you forget about Fran Dunphy for a little bit?

Thank you very much.

A very happy birthday to faithful reader Robert Carvelli, Sr. Bob is a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather and my friend. Oh, and his wife Shirley is pretty cool, too!
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