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Friday, October 30, 2015

There's a tough customer coming into Lincoln Financial Field tomorrow night — the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

The thing is, when you're at Temple University, you know about tough customers; they're all around you at the North Philly campus. Being a student, professor or administrator at Temple is not for the meek and mild.

This isn't Villanova or St. Josephs or Rosemont.

At Temple, you not only have to be smart, but you have to be street smart, too, and if you're not, you learn fast.

But Notre Dame isn't a neighborhood thug or drug dealer. It's just one damn good football team.

It's one loss came at the hands of number 3 Clemson, by 2 points, at Clemson,  where it's like playing in hell.

They are coming in with a local kid, the receiver from Roman Catholic High School, Will Fuller. This kid can beat the coverage so Rhule will have to double him, which leaves weak coverage elsewhere.

Fuller is fast; he's quick. Temple can't let this kid get open. And Fuller wants to show his Philly friends and neighbors a few things about football, I'm sure.

The Irish have a 220-pound bulldozer named C.J. Prosise, maybe the best running back in college football. He's got to be stopped if the Owls want to win.

And make no mistake about it, Temple can win tomorrow night. If Notre Dame has a weakness, and it's a big if, it's their defense.

For me, Temple must avoid turnovers and stupid penalties which have hampered them all season. And, they can't have any key injuries. They're not as deep as ND.

If they can keep the Irish to 10 to 14 points, they have a chance. But if Fuller can't be stopped and Prosise keeps getting first downs, they don't.

Or, with Fuller doubled, they can't let another swift receiver kill them.

Lookit, this is great for Temple University. I worked there eight years, and I know the ridicule the university took for its football team. It's been a joke in the Philadelphia area since Wayne Harding.

But thanks to Matt Rhule, the Owls are no longer a joke.

They're ranked, they have Saturday Game Day, the Linc is sold out, and they face the Irish of Notre Dame on national television.

If they play within themselves, contain Fuller, and play stellar defense, they can do it.

Come on Temple, let's do it!

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