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Monday, October 19, 2015

Six games don't a season make.

No, sir.


At 2-3 — a win brings the Eagles to .500 and back to the top of the NFC East.

Monday night's showdown with the Giants might determine this club's direction: Either up — or to the valley of mediocre.

An opening loss to Atlanta, hoodwinked by the Cowboys, then beating an improved Jets team, blowing one to the Redskins, and beating the Saints.

We're at the two-minute warning, here! The Giants at home with a Monday night crowd.

Bradford has to step up and do better than short outs. He has to open up the running game against the worst pass defense in football. To do that, he needs the O- line to give him the most precious gift.


The receivers need to stop dropping balls.

Fletcher Cox is emerging as a force, a dominate player on the defensive line. The Giants need to keep Cox away from Eli Manning.

But they won't.

Not in this game.

But lookit, there are other things going on here. Eagles coach Chip Kelly has been called a genius with brass nuggets, who came from Oregon and made blockbuster moves. Will he make the Eagles a perennial winner?

Or, is he a charlatan?

And Bradford, is he the Eagles best quarterback ever, or will he be one and done and go elsewhere? Time sits still for no one.

That said, the key player to watch  tonight will be Darren Sproles. He can do it all. If he gets his touches he'll be a game buster.

The slot formation above, which you might see tonight, puts Sproles in the slot 
(SB). Bradford can give it to Murray or Matthews (FB) out of the  backfield
or can throw  to two wide receivers or Sproles. The key here is that the Giants 
won't go single with Sproles but will double cover him. Watch for that tonight.
If Kelly lines up Sproles in the slot — it creates multible receivers for Bradford, plus a running back.

If the Giants single him, usually with a linebacker, Sproles will beat the coverage.

If he's doubled, it creates a mismatch elsewhere and gives another receiver or running back an opportunity.

With Sproles slotted, Demarco Murry or Ryan Mathews could come out of the backfield, giving Bradford more options.

Here's the thing with Sproles. If he  catches a pass in the slot, he's quick and will run with it.

If you turn the sound off on the TV and switch to Merrill Reese and Mike Quick on Eagles radio 94 WIP FM — which I do — Reese will tell you when Sproles is in the slot. The TV boys usually overlook it.

Eagles over the Giants, 42 - 10.

Are you ready for some football?

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