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Friday, October 16, 2015

New York baseball fans are the biggest crybabies in sports.

They're sickening, disgusting.

Tuesday night they chanted, "We want Ut-ly, we want Ut-ly, we want  Ut-ly."

It was over Dodgers baserunner Chase Utley roshamboing Mets' shortstop Ruben Tejada into the next universe. Tejada got hurt. Like Jed Bush says, "Stuff happens."

Chuck Bednarik roshamboed Giants running back Frank Gifford into the next universe, too, Gifford got hurt. Gifford cried about that for years. It might have suppressed his sexual prowess with Kathie Lee. I don't know; I'm just saying.

Crying over tenacious players is typical of Mets fans. You know why? Because the Mets don't have players like Chase Utley and Pete Rose.

Wasn't long ago — what, 2008? — they were booing J-Roll in New York because he said, "We're the team to beat in the NL East."

He was right. The Phillies won the World Series in '08 and lost to the Yankees in '09. And the Mets? Finished second in '08, fourth in '09.

Mets' fans bawled over that for three-four years. Whenever Rollins came to bat in New York, they booed him. A bunch of crybabies.


And what about Shea Stadium, October 8. 1973?

It was game three of the NLCS, the Mets vs The Big Red Machine. Bud Harrelson, the Twiggy-like Mets' second baseball popped off to the papers that Mets' pitcher John Matlock — who pitched a two-hitter the previous day — "Made the Big Red Machine look like me hitting today."

First, Harrelson, a career .236 hitter — skinnier than a walking skeleton that forgot to dress, who had a tough time making a shadow on a cloudless day — should have kept his mouth shut.

The next game, with Rose on first, Joe Morgan hit a routine ground ball to shortstop — a 6-4-3 no brainer — but Rose went into second like a bulldozer — his elbows high and knocked Harrelson on his caboose. The 140-pound shortstop bounced and came up swinging at the tough-nose, 200-pound made of steel street-fighter.

Both benches cleared. See the video upper, right.

Harrelson said Rose did it out of spite. "I'm not a punching bag,"  he said. "He got me late."

Of course, he did it out of spite, what's Harrelson stupid? You open your mouth; you pay the piper.

"He got me late." That's what they said about Utley's slide.

Rose said, "I play hard, I don't play dirty."

That's what Utley said.

The Mets don't have ball players like Utley and Rose. They had one but traded him to the  Phillies. Maybe Lenny D was too rough to play with the Mets and their crybaby fans. Players who come to Philly like to play hard because the fans love it and don't cry!

Pete said Harrelson called him names — sure, 140-pound weaklings do that, don't you remember that at school? — and came up swinging. Rose said I could have leveled him, but I just grabbed him.

Lookit, here's the thing. When Rose when out to play his position in left that day, the Mets' fans were so unruly — throwing bottles and stuff — Reds manager Sparky Anderson pulled his team off the field.

Until the Mets' fans stopped crying.

The Mets manager, the late Yogi Berra, and several players went out to left and spoke to the crybabies. Berra reportedly told the fans:

"Keep quiet. Let them beat us. We're ahead 9-2."

Is that priceless or what?

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