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Sunday, September 13, 2015

More than slightly overweight and not one to make the fashion pages of Men's Quarterly, Coach keeps his private life close to the vest — if he ever wore a vest. Or even has one. He speaks in 10 second sound bites and if you didn't get it the first time, forget-about-it.

Some say he's  quirky, or dictatorial, or that he gets rid of more black players than Caucasian players, or that he pushes his players too hard and wears them out by Thanksgiving — and they point to last season's 1-3 December record.

Some call him a revolutionary, a tyrant or say he's passionate and bold, and some say the 51-year-old coach does a pretty good rendition of Fly Eagles Fly.

And some say they don't know.

But here's the thing. Chip Kelly doesn't give a damn what you or anyone else thinks. He wants to win football games for the Philadelphia Eagles.

I'm sure of that.

His quarterback, QB 7, has a pedigree resume, but his NFL experience is tallied in games, not seasons. A Heisman Trophy winner at Oklahoma in 2008, the first pick overall in the 2010 draft and NFL Rookie of the Year with the St. Louis Rams in 2010.

Kelly sent Nick Foles to St. Louis for QB 7, also known as Sam Bradford, and draft pick compensation. But here's another thing, and this gets us back to who Chip Kelly is.

In November 2014 Bradford tore his ACL and in surgery, a new ACL was built out of tissue taken elsewhere in Bradford's body. Then, in a preseason game the following August, Bradford tore a different ACL and that ACL was built from different tissue to stabilize Bradford's knee.

Two of QB 7's ACL's are rebuilt from other tissue
 in his body. As of today, we don't know where the tissue
came from, but we can guess where it didn't come from.
Just what is an ACL? It's a ligament that is commonly sprained or torn when crazed giants are bearing down on you to rip your head off and in going down your spikes get stuck in the turf. So either your head gets ripped off or your ACL gets torn.

Any questions?

The Drexel professor is pointing out the major aspects of QB 7's knee on the left.

Kelly traded QB 9, who had healthy ACLs, for QB 7 who's got refurbished ones, and hasn't played a real game in 694 days.

Kelly says, "So what, everybody gets hurt in this game. Next question"

See what I'm saying?

In addition, Kelly's read option offense —which puts QB 7 in the crosshairs of some of the biggest, meanest, quickest, ugliest and toughest defensive goliaths who dream every night about putting QB 7 on the cart, thru the tunnel and on his way to the hospital — exposes QB 7 more than it protects him.

In the NFL, quarterbacks aren't supposed to be hit unless they have the ball — uh huh — but in the read option, QB 7 reads the defense and has options, none of which are good for his refurbished ACLs.

Most sane coaches would develop an offense to protect QB 7's ACLs and the rest of his body parts. But in the introduction above about Coach, did you see the word sane anywhere?

I rest my case.

Monday night, it will be fun.

Are you ready for some football?

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