Ron Costello

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What Prospect Should I Get?

Junior, you're on your own, and you know what to do
You know what you know, and it's all up to you
You've got advice from Andy, Pat and Pete
You've got a brain, hands and feet

You will talk to GMs, your head full of brains
To weed it all out, through losses or gains
If you keep Cole, his face so sweet...but
You won't get the prospect, with his shoes full of feet

My oh my, what should you do?
Should you keep what you got, if you only knew
You might not find any, in your bag full of tricks
Then you'll leave town, your job in a fix

The rotation next year — Hamels, Nola, Morgan, Buchanan and Lively
But without guys who can hit, you'll win only slightly
Oh Junior, oh Junior, what should you do?
If you don't get it right, if you squander and stew
The Philly boo  birds will be after you

Keep what you've got, or squander the lot
Papelbon, Revere, Francoeur and what
Or the Big Piece, now there's a pet with a swat
He's got 18, you can't dismiss that
While his average is low, he'll keep going yard
Ship him to Cleveland, where Thome once starred

You've got till Friday, the closing of the prospect zoo
And you can think and think, until your face is blue
But I've got one question, amongst all that you do
Can you ship out Dominic too?
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