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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Utley Shouldn't Go Out This Way

It's sad.

Chase Utley is a ball player's ball player.

He's who you point at when you tell a kid to hustle and play the game right. He's who you want up with the bases loaded and the score tied. He's a borderline Hall of Fame second baseman.

If they voted on 'heart', he'd be a shoo-in. The game's elders like Bowa and Lefty call him "old school." Pete Rose just smiles.

Fans at Citizens Bank stop texting, get off Facebook, and focus, when Utley drops the donut, does us customary back stretch, and walks to the plate.

He's the first player in the game to get his uni dirty; the first to dive for a ball hit up the middle, and he and his wife dug deep in their pocketbook to help animals. He had the b _ _ _ to stand at the microphone and say what millions of Phillies fans around the country were thinking: World f _ _ _ en Series!

The boys at the Rosewood — and in bars all over South Philly —  went nuts.

Utley is what Philadelphia is all about.

Harry the K said it best: Chase Utley, you are the man!

But enough is enough. Why does it take so long for the Phillies management to move? It is simply ridiculous. It is shameful.

It's making true Phillies fans — those who've followed this team through thick and thin since childbirth — sick!

And Utley doesn't deserve this.

Besides, are we or are we not rebuilding for 2016 and 2017? And, does Chase Utley fit into the team's plans for the future? The real answer to that question is sometimes we're rebuilding and sometimes we aren't.

Franco, Galvis, Hernandez and Ruf should be on the field day in and day out. Stop moving Ruf around and let him settle in at first.

Do something with Utley and Howard.

Oh, wait. We don't know what's up — according to Junior — about Phillies baseball.

Lookit. You know and I know who doesn't know what's up, He makes moves like his feet are stuck in concrete. He doesn't see down the road. He feels comfortable going with "the boys." He can't let the boys go and go young, even though his club is 22-39 and ten games out.

And, almost delusionary, he thinks the boys will come around any day now.

Utley is making $15 million this year and if he gets 500 at bats this season — he has 189 through yesterday — $15 million next season. He's made $100 million over his career. Chase Utley doesn't need the money.

But here's the thing. The Phillies have a .185 hitter in the three hole.


So what, the Phillies are rebuilding, right?
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