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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Maybe Sandberg Will Be Manager of the Year

Saving your money for the post season? Got those white towels ready?

Five straight.

Now that the Phillies are inching closer to the infield I suggested before the season began, that's my infield: Franco, Galvis, Hernandez, and Ruf, the club might have the two most expensive pinch hitters in the game: Utley and Howard.

Today it was Franco, Hernandez, Andres Blanco, and Ruf. Close, but no bananas! Maikel Franco went yard and tripled and made a diving defensive play at third.

He should have been here April 1, and maybe they wouldn't be 16-23 — maybe that's Junior's problem, a dollar short and a day late. But looking at their bloated payroll, you can't say a dollar short.

Day late fits!

Realistically, my infield's probably not going to happen. It's doubtful that Cesar Hernandez will replace a Phillies icon at second, and besides, Utely is starting to hit.

Ryan Howard needs to be traded, and the only way to do that is to play him. So he's stuck at first.

But there's some hope.

Here's a list of the top AL designated hitters and their bombs.

Houston's Evan Gattis: 7
Boston's David Ortiz: 4
Detroit's Victor Martinez: 1
White Sox' Adam LaRoch: 4
Seattle's Seth Smith: 4

Your Ryan Howard has 7.

So what's he still doing in a NL  uni? Maybe Junior wants the sofa and two living room chairs for him. Maybe the $25 million per is scaring them away like a wolf man mask on Halloween.

Several AL teams in contention could use an upgrade at the DH position and a veteran nice guy who's been there. Maybe they'd give up a young outfielder for the Big Piece.

And maybe Tom Cotton will write another love letter to the Ayatollah.

Speaking of the outfield, I don't see anyone on the current Phillies who will be the Future. Maybe Odubel Herrea.

The Phillies are grooming Cody Asche for left field and maybe that will happen by the Fourth of July. But Asche has to improve on his .247 three year major league average. The organization is high on him; maybe it's because he deposited 10 souvenirs in the stands in 121 games last season.

Asche seems to have some pop.

Maybe by Labor Day my infield will be in place, and we'll be one more step toward the Future.

And maybe Cole will be in Boston by National Sister's Day, bringing two more Future outfielders.

Maybe you didn't know  that August 3rd is National Sister's Day.
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