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Sunday, May 10, 2015

So Sexy it Should be Censored!

In your lifetime, you might not see a sexier left handed cut in a Phillies uni.

So sexy it should be covered up; censored. A rip polished off at Neiman Marcus, not Macy's — and perfected by hundreds, if not thousands of hours in the cage, beginning at age 11.

You want your kid to play in the Show? Give him a backyard hitting cage and pitching machine for his 10th birthday.

The ball doesn't jump off Chase Utley's bat, it explodes off it.

Lookit, if you want to read a whole lot of negative stuff on the Phillies, just Google Ruben Amaro, Jr. It's all there for you, in the age of information and immediate satisfaction.

Me? I'm not going to bash Junior. First off, I don't have all the facts at my disposal. All I can do is judge from what I see on the field.

But I will say this: From what I see, Junior can't see the future.

A year ago I said in this Phillies blog that there are two roles for Chase Utley: Either trade him to the American League as a DH, or turn him into a left handed pinch hitter.

I also said Sandberg's starting lineup on day one should be: Franco, Galvis, Hernandez, and Ruf. And LEAVE THEM THERE UNTIL HELL FREEZES OVER. Lock 'em up and throw away the key.

And don't look back.

The one player that's had the role of playing consistently — Freddy Galvis — is hitting .347. Too bad Darin Ruf hasn't had that luxury.

Here we are approaching Memorial Day, 33 games into the season counting today's game with the Mets, and the club is 11-21. Howard is still at first, Asche is still at third, Franco is still in the minors — hitting .339 by the way — and Utley appears to be still at second.

Sandberg is playing Russian roulette with the lineup, shuffling it around so nobody knows who's where, and nobody can get into a rhythm, which, in case you didn't know, is important for a major league hitter. Hell, it's important for a Little League hitter. Just ask Mo'Ne.

Ruf is being jerked around like he's a puppet in a side show. Even Jeff Francoeur has more at bats than Ruf. Is Francoeur part of the Phillies future?

That's the future Junior can't see. How else can you explain Francoeur? Other than he's a really nice guy.

I think Junior failed to see the loss the team encountered when it allowed J-Dub to walk and sign a colossal contract with Washington. Not that the organization could afford Werth, but it played without a right handed five hole hitter behind Utley and Howard for several years after.

He failed to see trouble when Howard and Utley showed up in 2012 spring training taking infield sitting on stools.

He failed to see that Franco, not Cody Asche, is the Phillies future at third.

He failed to see that Papelbon would get disgruntled playing on a losing team and his behavior would reflect it.

He appeared to misread Doc's troubles, until it was too late.

And, most importantly, he failed to see how far Chase Utley's 36 years old knees would carry him in 2015.

He's reacting rather than anticipating. And for a major league general manager, anticipation is key!
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