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Monday, April 13, 2015

We May Be Stuck with the Four Deuces

Folks around these parts are real happy that the Phillies jumped off to a 3-3 start before losing to the Mets this afternoon. The Father Comcast commentators have been saying the club is showing spunk and don't quit.

Me? I think  things are worse than what I thought.

Utley's hitting a buck oh five and Howard has seven strike outs in 20 at bats. Against the Nationals' Max Scherzer, the Big Piece looked way over matched. Papelbon was saying he's more Bostonian that Phillie.

Hamels is 0-1 with a 3.75 ERA. The team he was reportedly heading to, the Red Sox, hit four home  runs off him in the Phillies home opener. Lee is cleaning out the barn down in Arkansas and is most likely finished.

So we're suppose to be happy at 3-4?

The real problem here is the Phillies payroll is at a $146 million and change. That's hefty for the kind of team they put on the field. That's why you see Grady Sizemore (1yr $2 million), Jeff Francoeur (1yr $950K), and Chad Billingsley ($1.5 million).

Remember Delmon Young?

Sizemore, Francoeur, and Billingsley are the 2015 Delmon Youngs, meaning that with a $146 million payroll, that's what the Phillies can afford.

You can find a few Delmon Youngs in the rotation, too.

Don't believe me? Go check the salaries for Pence and Victorino, both let go because Junior couldn't afford them. Okay, I'll do it for you: Boston is paying Victorino $13 million this season and the Giants are paying Pence $18.5  million.

In life and in baseball, you get what you pay for!

You and I know they have four players they'd like to get rid of and it just might be they won't be able to (Lee isn't getridable.) So far, in order to free up some mullah, Junior hasn't been able to trade the four Duces: Hamels, Howard, Utley, and Papelbon.

My how time flies and we go from the four aces to the four deuces.

And it ain't gettin' any better!
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