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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Team Looked Pathetic

My first game of the season last night. Here's what I saw.

They have no offense and no pitching. Defensively? Pretty bad, while  Sandberg shuffles his lineup up from game to game, they don't seem to fall into any rhythm.

But there are some good points about the club.

1. Tickets are easy to get and cheap. The good seats are selling for regular ticket price, not much markup, while the other seats are going for below ticket price.

2, Easy to get a seat on the subway to the game. The Phillies crowd on the subway is hardly noticeable.

3. Entrance lines, even with the metal-detector screening, no problem, walk right in, no lines because the crowds are sparse.

4. Before you get to your seats, grab a beer, hardly any lines at the concession stands. Get a dog while you are at it.

5. Good chance of having the seats directly in front of you empty, with so many empty seats in the park.

But then the game starts.


I'm embarrassed for Ryan Howard. He can't run, can't field, and looks over matched at the plate.The rest of the team seems to be going through the motions.

Asche homered and Revere tripled. Hamels again got no run support and left the game with the scored notched at 1-1. The bullpen, which is suppose to be the bright spot, gave it up.

Final score, 6-1, Miami.

6. Subway wasn't crowded on the way home.

Contributing to his blog was Rick Potin of Austin, Texas, Drexel class of 1977 and 1981, Drexel University. Who accompanied me to the game.

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