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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Are You Ready to Fight?

Stop your bellyaching!

"Ohhh, hoo, hoo, we can't trade Hamels, Lee has a sore arm, Utley can't hit after July, ohhhh, boo, hoo, hoo, Chooch will get DL'd by Memorial day, oh noooo, boo, hoo, hoo."

Man up, damit.

Look who's in camp. Dutch, battling brain cancer. Is that stopping him? Hell no. And Schmitty, eyeball to eyeball with melanoma. You think he's crying? You think he's making excuses? Damn right he's not.

And Chairman Dave Montgomery, also taking up the fight and winning the battle. This has to inspire us — and now I'm ready to fight! How 'bout you? Will you  join me?

Lookit, in 1993, the Phillies broke camp and headed north hopeless. In five previous seasons they were sub .500, including a dismal 70-92, in '92 — last in the Eastern Division. You can't go no further than last.

Without any big name stars, no billion dollar players, they were a bunch of misfits. The Kruker said, "We're a throw back all right, thrown back by other teams."

"We led the league in characters," Mulholland proclaimed. But did they have a crotch grabber? Stool sitters? A pitcher using an eight ball to answer questions? They would've, if they had thought of it.

They were men. No nampy-pamby, cry babies. They crawled out of the dirt and hit and pitched their way to the World Series. They had crazy Mitchie-poo. We got Papelbon.

Need more proof?

So come on, jump on my ban wagon, dare to be bold. Let's kick off the season and never look back. 2015 is gonna a be 1993 all over again, and we — you and I — will lead the way.

So here's the thing. Right now, with spring training just starting, let's look at the evidence:

Batting Order:

CF   Ben Revere

SS   Freddy Galvis

2B   Chase Utley

1B   Ryan Howard

LF   Darrin Ruf

RF   Dominic Brown

C     Carlos Ruiz

3B   Cody Asche

Plus, add two young and hungry players, Maikel Franco and Odubel Herrera, pushing to make the club in spring training. The veteran Grady Sizemore will add  guts and leadership and will get playing time pushing and helping Ruf.

The key here is Freddy Galvis in the two hole. Given the chance, he can do it all. Hit, run, bunt, steal and play stellar defense. With Galvis and Ben Revere at the top, this offense will purr right out of the gate, just like in '93.


As good as if not better than '93's rotation of Shilling, Green, Jackson, Mulholland, and Rivera.

Cole Hamels

Cliff Lee

Aaron Harang

Jerome Williams

David Buchanan

The rotation isn't perfect, but it'll get this team to the post. And the bullpen has it over Mitch Williams, Jose DeLeon, and Bobby Thigpen.


Jonathan Papelbon

Ken Giles

Jake Diekman

So get with it. Are you wit me on this, or agin me? And if you're agin me, you should be ashamed of yourself. You're a poor excuse for a Phillies fan. From here on  out, in this blog, we are thinking 1993. We are thinking World Series!

You're either wit me, or agin me.

What say you?

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