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Sunday, February 22, 2015

From 257 Straight Sellouts to Nonsense


And the Faithful doesn't deserve it or need it.

  • The Ace saying one thing to the USA Today, then later saying what he really meant to say  was.... Like we're stupid.
  • The $25 million a year pitcher with a sore arm brings an 8 ball to his news conference and uses it to answer reporters' questions. Like they're stupid. Well, maybe he's right on that one.
  • The team's manager saying "we can be a surprise type of team," despite the fact the same team lost 89 games the past two seasons minus their most productive offensive player, J-Roll. 
  • And the GM, leaking tidbits here and there about getting some big time offensive production when he knows damn well the the club still can't afford much better than Delmon Young. Why? Because he's been frozen in inactivity the past three seasons and their team payroll is still up there with the big spenders. 
What I would give to have a beer with Larry Bowa! You can't imagine.

No sir, the Faithful doesn't deserve this nonsense! 

A big chunk of the Faithful thinks Junior took the controls of the plane from Pat Gillick and maneuvered it right down into the Indian ocean, like Malaysia airliner flight MH370. Although we have no black box to prove it, we certainly have enough evidence to shake our collective heads and say, "you've got to be kidding us."

Two hunderd and fifty seven sellouts and the team collapsed like a diving airliner. The Faithful demands better. 

In return we get the eight ball, the manager talking like he's homer or some kid taking a minute off from recess, and a general manager who thinks he knows everything and the Faithful don't know _ _ _ _ , despite the fact that his record suggests otherwise.

But wait. Could Sandberg have vision for a second year manager? Could the Hall of Fame second baseman be telling us something? That —  short of trading Howard, Hamels, Lee, and Papelbon — the team is worthy of a surprise year?

Sometimes it's the trades you don't make that turn out to be the best.

And sometimes, listening to what a respected baller like Ryne Sandberg says, might just give us a little hope, even if it's just through spring training. 

What has the Faithful got to lose, besides ball games?

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