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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Will the Cuban All-Star Look Good in Red Pinstripes?

The Internet — namely, the Inquirer's online journal — says a deal with Yasmani Tomas is "imminite"  with the Phillies.

It's been reported for some time that the Phillies are in the hunt for the 23 year old Cuban wiz — a cross between Marlon Bryd on the downside, and Pablo Sandoval on the up side — and he's ready to sign a major league contract.

The unproven player will get all-star money and his speed — or lack of — will keep him in one of the corner outfield spots.

And, again according to Philly dot com, it may be with the Phillies.

I'm skeptical. Last time I looked the Phillies' payroll was sitting at $177 million, give or take a few million. Maybe getting rid of Burnett — plus the Father Comcast money in the vault — has gotten Junior a little giddy and now he's ready to spend, spend, spend.

But except for the cheesesteaks and BYOB restaurants, why would Tomas come to Philadelphia? He's looking at two, maybe three more free agent bonanzas before he's done, so why would he sign with a team loaded with aged, overpaid players with no chance in hell to win again until when? Maybe 2017?

If that.

Like a parking ticket lawyer, is Junior just laying out innuendos and dropping hints to keep the faithful interested? Or is he really after the $100 million-plus Tomas?

We'll see shortly.

Speaking of Mr. A. J. Burnett. He turned down the player option he had with the Phillies for $12.75 million and signed with the Pirates for $8.5 million. My calculator says  he threw $4.25 million into the Monongahela.

Not sure about you, but $4.25 million can buy some pretty exciting cruises with enough money left to to purchase Myanmar. Me and the Misses would be cruising it to the Galapogos and maybe taking the kids. Mmmmm, maybe not the kids.

I think Burnett doesn't care about the $4.5 million and went to a club with a better chance to win, either that or he loves bridges. He seems like a guy who beats to a different drummer.

Here's the thing. Who is Junior kidding? When you sign Elvis Araujo, a 23 year old left handed career minor leaguer — who never pitched above Double A —  and sign has-been Jeff Francouer (I won't even give you his statistics, I don't want to depress you), you know you're sucking wind.

The Phillies signed both of them a few days ago.

Seems like Junior has more than a few problems that won't go away with a $100 million unproved Cuban outfielder. Unless, he'd turn around and swap Tomas in a trade for prospects. That would make sense and I'd tip my hat to Junior Amaro.

However, Junior's trading resume is a bit shaky at the moment. Plus, I'm sure Tomas wouldn't sign with the Phillies if he knew he'd be used for bait.

Are the Phillies really going after Tomas? Or is Junior just leaking dirt to keep the faithful interested and lined up at the single game ticket windows?

We'll know by Thanksgiving.

Either that, or we'll know who the real turkeys are.

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