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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving is the time of year when each one of us gives thanks for what we have. Therefore, we of course, should give thanks that the Phillies are still the Phillies, and haven't been sold to a billionaire in Portland, Maine.

What could be worse than that?

So here are my top ten — Thanksgiving thank you's to the Phillies' organization:

Number One:  I'm thankful for the designated hitter rule in the American League! What else would the Phillies do with Ryan Howard?

Number Two: I'm thankful for the great season Jonathan Papelbon had, so the Phillies can trade him to...what does it matter where? Just get rid of him, please.

Number Three: I'm thankful for J-Roll. Watching the Phillies last season, another 89 loss season, Rollins had the kind of year reminiscent of the glory days. Although another injury ended his season early, J-Roll hit and fielded as well as any shortstop in baseball.

So, that's what good players look like!

Number Four: I'm thankful that Ryan Howard's family is not managing my finances!

Number Five: I'm thankful for Delmon Young. How else would we have known how pathetic the Phillies had become in trying to get dirt-cheap players to stay beneath the luxury tax?

Number Six: I'm thankful for AJ Burnett. He showed us for real that the Phillies won't win until 2017, if that. Why else would anyone be crazy enough to surrender $4.25 million to leave the Phillies and pitch for the Pirates?

Number Seven: I'm thankful for Cole Hamels. Because you can bet your Christmas bonus, by Valentine's Day he'll  be wearing a Cubs, Dodgers, or Red Sox uni. By trading Cole, the Phillies will get 2-3 exciting, young players, that they cannot get through their depleted minor league system, or by trading any other player on the team.

Wait, can I say Christmas? Or has it become an underground holiday?

Number Eight: I'm thankful that we are not Miami Marlins' fans, who will be paying for the spectacular contract given to 25 year old Giancarlo Stanton — 13 years, $325 million. To show you how ridiculous Stanton's contract is, let's compare it to what Ryan Howard got, which was $125 million over five years.

Feel better now? No, me neither.

Number Nine: I'm thankful for having the opportunity to watch Chase Utley play baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Number Ten: I'm thankful that Junior said in regards to trading Hamels and Lee, that "we're in a different stage now," as far as winning now, or anytime soon.

Thank God he sees it. Only took him, what? Three years?

Wait, am I allowed to say God?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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