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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cole Can Give Philly Baseball Fans an Early Present

I've looked for Cole Hamel's address but I must have misplaced it. I wanted to thank him for the gifts he's giving to the Phillies. Despite some mismanagement — mentioning no names, of course — Cole can help Junior and company get better.

Single-handedly Cole could bring Boston's 22 year old Mookie Betts and another top outfield prospect — let's say for the sake of it, 22 year old Xander Bogaerts — who the Red Sox had at shortstop. But don't let that worry you, Bogaerts is an athlete who can easily be converted to a corner outfielder.

Like JoPa use to say, give me an athlete and I'll make him a football player. Or something like that.

If that happens — putting the 22 year old Red Sox' pair on either side of Ben Revere — then we owe a dept of gratitude to Mr. Hamels. A top flight pitcher, Hamels takes the fall for Junior's two year hesitation. In a previous post I called the hesitation, "old fashioned sentimentality."

Some folks I speak with in South Philly don't use no fancy words like that!

We can also thank the island of Cuba for the release of Rusney Castillo — or, better said, didn't catch him leaving on the defection boat at dark-thirty. Castillo's arrival crowded up the Red Sox' outfield —  like Saturdays at Godshall's Poultry stand inside the Reading Terminal — thus making Betts and Bogaerts expendable.

And they'll be bargain basement cheap for several years, or until the arbitration winds blow. Then Junior plays Oakland A's baseball and cuts them loose, before they take the field holding canes, or sitting on stools.

That, plus the Red Sox' need for pitching being so bad, rumor had it they were scouting Mo'ne Davis at Williamsport.

So there you go, a marriage made in heaven: Junior gets Betts and Bogaerts to help him dig out of the 23 games back, 89 loses hole, and the Red Sox get a damn good Philly pitcher. I like it but hate it at the same time. If Junior doesn't want to lose a hundred, he makes that deal faster than Chip Kelly's offense can get back over the ball.

So there's step one in the puzzle — get two 22 year old young guns who can hit, run and play stellar defense on both sides of Revere. That's 22, as opposed to 32 (Sizemore), or 37 (Bryd) or even 27, in the case of Domonic Brown — and I'm not charging Junior a cent.

The Puzzle? Like the song above says, I'll 'Say It Again.'

Franco, Galvis, Hernandez, and Ruf — and you leave them there beyond the Rock and Roll Marathon.

Betts and Bogaerts in the corner outfield  spots with Revere in the middle.

Anything short of that is Philly baseball treason and heads should roll.

You and I know what heads I'm talkin' about, right?

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