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Thursday, September 4, 2014

And here I know, wrecking ball and rebuild, The Architect?

Wait, let me genuflect, first.

Okay. Done that.

When I first heard Pat Gillick was taking over while Mr. Montgomery gets better, I thought great things were coming our way.

I've already told the Misses to keep October 2015 open. No cruises, no trips to the shore, no nothin. Savin' our money to buy World Series tickets for all the Philly home games. StubHub, Craigslist, Backpage, you name it, we're going all out this time, baby.

The Architect is coming home!

Lookit, he built the Torondo Blue Jay teams that won five division championships in nine seasons. And back to back World Series wins in '92 and...well, let's forget that one. Won some games in Baltimore and Seattle, too.

And just who do you think that was in the Broad Street parade in October, 2008? Frank Rizzo?

Inducted into the Hall of Fame — that's not Wall of Fame, here in Philly — that's Hall of Fame, the real one.

Now I know, since he left, Pat's been consulting with Junior now and then. But all that amounted to was Pat being interrupted in his row boat in the Puget Sound.

"Hey, Rube, how you doin'? What's that, hey, can you hold for a sec, I'm puttin' on a chug-an-spit to get that big one that's been feedin' just off these rocks. Jus hold the line a sec will ya?"

"All right, Rube, what's up pal?

"Sizemore? Hell yea. He still with the Indians? What'd you havta give up?"

"Nothin? Well, I'll be dipped in a Seattle rain barrel. That's a no brainer, Rube. You remember we got J-Dub that way, huh? Stole him from the Dodgers. Wait, I got a tug, oh yea, oh yea, he's a biggy, call you later Rube..."

More or less on a consulting assignment. You know, run ideas by the legend in the row boat.

But now Pat is back as interim president, and he's here, in Philly, with his cowboy boots up on the desk, and you know what he's saying? That all the team needs is a tweak here and a  tweak there, and this team is on the move!

Huh? Pat, have you been watching?

Pat said they (he and Junior)  know where they're headed and we've got to be patient. He says they're (he and Junior) the same people who were making the decisions between 2007 and 2011, all through those championships.

Pat, you mean when the players were young, hungry, and could hammer the ball? And we had the Four Aces? And the Piece could hit a breaking ball? You mean way back then?

Pat said, "Rube didn't get dumb overnight!"

He also said, "It's just we're in a position where we know where we're heading and it's going to take some time."

Time, it's going to take time?

Oh no, oh Lordy, no!

The end.

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